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About Us

Attaining Driving Training provides friendly and flexible driver training tailored to your individual needs.

 At Attaining Driving Training we are dedicated to ensuring that gaining your driver's licence
is as easy and as smooth as possible. We will help you develop the vital driving skills necessary to be a safe and confident driver on the road.
Attaining Driving Training provides professional car driving instruction for Learner Drivers in Darwin and the surrounding
areas and can be flexible to suit your schedule. 

All learner drivers are unique and full focus is given to each individual to progress according to their own style and at a pace that is comfortable for them. We cater to learners of all ages and situations.

Call today and we will help you achieve your goals.


Driving skills for your future


We can adapt lesson times and training plans to suit your work and study schedules.

We aim to develop individual flexible and fun driver training to allow you to progress at your own pace.

Lessons can start and finish at any location around Darwin. 

All learner driver training is conducted in accordance with Northern Territory Government legislation.

Affordable lesson pricing is supported by discounts for referring other learners and also there are loyalty rewards for continuing lessons.


Attaining Driving Training provides an instructor with many years of experience of commercial truck, bus and car operation as well as teaching qualifications to assist you to safely achieve your driving licence.

Instructors are licensed according to Northern Territory Government legislation and with Working With Children Check clearance.


The benefit of learning with a professional driving instructor is that you will be current in applying road rules and ideas for driving smoothly, confidently and ultimately safely to keep on driving for years to come.

Having the first lesson with an instructor followed by practice with a licenced supervisor can the easiest method to progress to attaining your driver's licence.

Attaining Driving Training is affiliated with professional driving organisations such as the Australian Driver Trainer Association


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